Kutalayna – Destruction Begins at the Jordan River Levee site.

Kutalayna – Brighton Bypass Site

15/04/11 12:35

Police numbered up to 40 at the Kutalayna Aboriginal heritage site

I’m out here at Kutalayna with members of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community, and many non-Aboriginal supporters of the community, protesting against the state Government’s construction works which really started to fire-up this morning.

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At approximately 8am this morning construction workers started moving in with heavy earth moving equipment to start digging on the Kutalayna Aboriginal Heritage site at the Jordan River Levee at Brighton. 2 metre deep rectangular shaped holes, approximately 10 feet in length, by 4 feet wide, by approximately 6 feet deep have already started being dug out for the support pylons of the overpass bridge. These pylons are planted 6 feet deep in to the ground of the actual Kutalayna heritage site. The short minded disrespectful behaviour of the Tasmanian State Government is nothing short of disgusting.

This site is not only of significant importance to the Aboriginal community, but to the community at large also, as it has archaeological as well as cultural significance to the whole broader community, and humanity, being one of the oldest sites of it’s kind identified in the world. This site and others like it are worthy of protection. I can’t believe that the state government has allowed this to occur. This is such short sighted reactionary behaviour by the current and previous Government.

On Monday afternoon I sat in the gallery at Parliament House to see if the Greens could get a motion passed with the help of the Liberals, to use the Aboriginal Heritage Protection Act to help save this site from being destroyed by the Tasmanian State Government in yet another example of complete and total lack of respect and regard for the Aboriginal Community’s rights to their cultural heritage, which has already been devastated by this state’s Government on a great many different levels and in a great many different ways.

We need supporters! We need people to be here to make up the numbers. You don’t have to get arrested. You can just come along and support us by just being here. If you are living here in Tasmania, and are able to lend your support, then please refer to this Google Map link – Kutalayna Aboriginal Heritage Site

On Monday’s sitting at Parliament House in Hobart, I listened to what all 3 sides had to say about this issue. The Greens speaker, mister Bob Brown, had the first turn, followed by MPs from the Labour Party, and then MPs from the Liberals. It became painfully apparent very quickly that there have been a multitude of ineptitudes and mistakes made during the almost 40 year long process and millions of dollars of Australian Tax Payers dollars that have gone in to the decision making processes by the Tasmanian State Government on deciding the issues regarding this site.

Lies have been told on both the Labour and the Liberal side, that is for certain. The finger pointing was going on left right and centre during Monday’s sitting of Parliament. Nick McKim, the current leader of the Tasmanian Greens Party was absent from this sitting of Parliament sadly. Even more sadly, we haven’t seen hide nor hair of either Nick McKim, Bob Brown, Lara Giddings, etc, out here at the site during this critical protest phase. It’s disappointing that even the party Members who are supposed to be in support of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community on this matter, are nowhere to be seen.

Please, if you are able to lend us your support, and your presence, then please do come down and help us make up the numbers, because this is now down to The People. It’s the people who are the only ones who can make enough noise now to try and stop this blind-sighted government’s arrogant and disrespectful behaviour and attempts to destroy this incredibly important site.


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