the cup thief

Saturday was the big day, a culmination of stress, anger, happiness, empowerment and overall positive energy. There were tears, chants and drums, speeches, tea, cake and zines.

After so many negative comments on the FB page around the choice of name for the event (Tassie can sometimes be a backwards place with people not reading past face value) it was great to see so much physical support on the day. Media reports ranged from quoting 50 people to 500 people in attendance, and I would say it was definitely closer to 500 people. A third (if not more) of the audience was male.

Libby; I am so proud to have her as my bestie and was so grateful for her support, she  got in to it so much which made me happy! Thursday night we went on a wheatpasting mission in all black and army stripes which was…

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About iDisentangler

We get one chance at life, so make every moment count. Every little thing that we do counts, and it's often the little things for which we are remembered. Be consciously aware, and tread lightly upon the earth. Treat all life around you the way you yourself would like to be treated.....with respect, consideration, and kindness -- and sometimes I need to remind myself to walk my own talk.
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