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The Brainwash Project

Please view  Paper People, a video by Francis Hadid. Francis was so inspired by Jess Barlow and her plans for The Brainwash Project, that she got together with Jess to help her mission.

Jess is unhappy with women’s magazines. She’s put together a national petition  and a pledge on Pozible  for money to fund The Brainwash Project, a new body-positive, culturally diverse magazine for young women and girls.

Here is what Jess has to say on her petition page about why she started The Brainwash Project:

Reality is beautiful. Stop using Photoshop to alter appearances.

In high school, not a day would go by without hearing another girl complain about her weight or appearance. I saw girls get severely bullied and excluded because they didn’t live up to the beauty ideals of women in magazines.And it made me want to doctor my own appearance even…

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We get one chance at life, so make every moment count. Every little thing that we do counts, and it's often the little things for which we are remembered. Be consciously aware, and tread lightly upon the earth. Treat all life around you the way you yourself would like to be treated.....with respect, consideration, and kindness -- and sometimes I need to remind myself to walk my own talk.
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